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Meet the artists

Amy Somes and Rebecca Riley of Mainely Designs

Amy Somes:

I live in a small town in Maine that I have called home most all of my life. I am so happy that my kids will now have the opportunity to grow up with places to explore all over this state. We are blessed to have access to a lake camp and an ocean camp that has been in the extended family for decades. My babies have had baths in sinks that held their great grandparents and eaten at tables carved from relatives hands. I love all the things that make this state home and try to share those with my children whenever possible. That is what the signs represent to me. It is the way each season holds its traditions and then morphs into new ones as the years go on. 

Rebecca Riley:

I've always loved exploring new places.  Some as close as the top of the tree in my backyard, some that cross oceans and time zones. Through my ventures, I've found new friends, made new memories, learned new languages, and have ultimately acquired an even deeper love and respect for this great state I came from.  Maine has always been my anchor.  I grew up here, was educated here, have a family here, and whenever I leave, even just for a little while, I miss it here.  This is my haven.  It didn't have to be, I chose it to be.   I continue to be awed by its beauty and cherish its community.  Maine is where I have roots, it's where I laugh and cry, try new things, and remember memories gone by...  

In these signs, is my love for this state.  Not for some lines drawn on a map, but for the people who have raised me, and for those I am now raising.  I strive to show the scenery that accompanied me from my first fish to my first beer.  My first camping trip, to my first home, it's the majesty of a blizzard, to the stillness of a sunset.  

Maine is more than a state to me, just, as I hope, these signs are much more than wood and paint to you.   It's the true north to my compass.